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Olo Walicki - Kaszëbë

Olo Walicki - double bass, guitar, keyboard,
Piotr Pawlak - guitar,
Kuba Staruszkiewicz - drums, timpani,
Cezary Paciorek - accordion, Hammond organ;
Damroka Kwidzinska - recitation,
Maria Namyslowska - vocal,
Karolina Amirian - vocal,
voice of Roza Ostrowska in #6
(from radio broadcast recorded at Radio Gdansk on December 31, 1972)


01. Wanoznice [04:08]
02. Czas Ca goni [06:18]
03. Wiedno Te [07:07]
04. Zemia Mojo [06:43]
05. Przechodom do Ce [06:44]
06. Te Dwa [06:12]
07. Tatczezna [05:46]
08. Bro [02:57]

All Kashubian lyrics by Damroka Kwidzinska
Recorded in Wdzydze Kiszewskie, autumn 2006

Olo Walicki (Olgierd Walicki) - double bass player and bass guitarist, born on 21 December 1974 in Gdansk.
In 1989 Olo Walicki together with the clarinet player Jerzy Mazzoll founded his first band Niebieski Lotnik. In the 90's he was a co-author of the yass scene. He performed with Miłość, Maciej Sikała Trio, Chamber Meeting, Mikołaj Trzaska Quartet and with Łoskot. He worked with outstanding musicians: Zbigniew Namysłowski, Jan "Ptaszyn" Wróblewski, Zbigniew Preisner, Adam Pierończyk, Brandon Furman, Frank Calberg, Greg Tardy and a vocalist Christine Correa. He cooperated with the Muniek Staszczyk Band, Szwagierkolaska, and with such groups as: Oczi Cziorne, Chili My, Agape. He performed in duo with the vocalist Mika Urbaniak and in trio Euro Commissars with Finnish guitarist Kall Kallima and German percussion player Maurice de Martin. In 2003 he started working with Polish writer Ingmar Villqist. He composed music for theater "Sprawa Miasta Ellmit" (2003) and "Helmucik" (2004) and for the performance "Oskar and Ruth" (2006) in Katakomben Theaters in Essen.

Together with Leszek Możdżer, Maurice de Martin and The Gdańsk Philharmonic Brass Quartet created a project "Metalla Pretiosa", which premiere took place in 2003 at the 45th Festival "Jazz Jamboree" in Warsaw. He is an author of the project Olo Walicki Kaszëbë (Damroka Kwidzińska - vocal, Maria Namysłowska - vocal, Piotr Pawlak - guitar, Olo Walicki - double bass, Cezary Konrad - percussion), - a mix of jazz with traditional music from the region of Kaszuby. The project was presented in 2005 at 26. Folk Festival of the European Radio Union. Since 2000 he has been running his own record label Olo Walicki Production.

Recently it has been talked a lot about the record Kaszebe by Olo Walicki, which got excellent reviews in the music circles. In one of them, published in Tygodnik Powszechny, Janusz Jablonski wrote that Kaszebe "is based on brave jazz and contemporary Kashubian poetry. Olo Walicki's septet consists of Damroka Kwidzinska - poetess, who wrote all the lyrics and recited some of them, Karolina Amirian and Maria Namyslowska, who sing the rest, Cezary Paciorek playing accordion and Hammond organ, guitar player Piotr Pawlak, drummer Kuba Staruszkiewicz (Pink Freud) and the leader, playing contrabass, acousting guitar and keyboards. Just for the arrangement of voices, Walicki deserves an award. A duo of the light, girlish voice of Karolina Armiran and the misty, full ofharmonical subtleties alto of Maria Namyslowska makes an immense impression from the first until the last not (...) Personal lyrics by Kwidzinska strongly place the music in its local context.
Thanks to them, the listener is convinced s/he is listening to an important work, and that it was created in purpose (...). For a long time I have not heard such a moving music. I have been listening »Kaszebe« since two weeks, and after having played it a few dozen times, I still have not enough".


#1 "Wanoznice"
#5 "Przechodom do Ce "!v=GsaFItjXIXk

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