Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jazz Meets Asia

1-4: Hideo Shibaki Quintet feat. Terumasa Hino & Three Koto Girls
01. Yosakoi-Bushi [04:07]
02. Yamanaka-Bushi [06:48]
03. Matsuri No Genzo [06:15]
04. Suwa [06:13]

5-6: Irene Schweizer Trio & Dewan Motihar Trio with Barney Wilen & Manfred Schoof
05. Sun Love [17:44]
06. Yaad [05:19]

7-11: Tony Scott & The Indonesian All Stars
07. Djanger Bali [06:03]
08. Gambang Sulling [07:11]
09. Ilir Ilir [04:00]
10. Burungkaka Tua [05:20]
11. Summertime [08:13]


Hideo Shiraki - drums
Terumasa Hino - trumpet
Takeru Muraoka - tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Yuzuru Sera - piano
Hachiro Kurita - bass
Kinuko Shirane - koto
Keiko Nosaka - koto
Sachiko Miyamoto - bass koto

Recorded November 1, 1965 in Berlin;
Original released on "Sakura Sakura" MPS Records 15.064

Dewan Motihar - sitar, vocals
Keshav Sathe - tablas
Kusm Thakur - tambura
Irene Schweizer - piano
Uli Trepte - bass
Mani Neumeier - drums
Manfred Schoof - cornet, trumpet
Barney Wilen - soprano & tenor saxophone

Recorded October 23, 1967;
Original released on "Jazz Meets India" MPS Records 15.142

Tony Scott - clarinet
Bubi Chen - piano, siter, ketjapi
Jack Lesmana - guitar
Marjono - tenor saxophone, flute, vocals
Yopi Chen - bass
Benny Mustafa - drums

Recorded October 27&28, 1967 at SABA Recording Studio, Villingen;
Original released on "Djanger Bali" MPS Records 15.145


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