Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hazmat Modine "Bahamut"

Hazmat Modine:
Wade Schuman - lead vocals and harmonica
Randy Weinstein - vocals and harmonica
Joseph Daly - tuba
Pamela Fleming - trumpet
Steve Elson - saxophone
Pete Smith - guitar
Michael Gomez - guitar
Richard Huntley - drums
Huun-Huur-Tu on # 2, 8, 14
01. Yesterday Morning [05:08]
02. It Calls Me [03:10]
03. Bahamut [06:03]
04. Fred Of Ballaray [01:28]
05. Broke My Baby's Heart [07:20]
06. Almost Gone [03:25]
07. Steady Roll [05:34]
08. Everybody Loves You [06:16]
09. Lost Fox Train [03:39]
10. Dry Spell [04:44]
11. Ugly Rug [01:24]
12. Who Walks In When I Walk Out [04:47]
13. Grade - A Gray Day [03:36]
14. Man Trouble [11:11]
15. bonus # [00:15]
This long-awaited debut CD is a uniquely intercontinental sonic collage encompassing a tremendous range of instrumental, vocal, and conceptual originality--all with a lot of soul and groove. Like the mythological beast of its title track, HAZMAT Modine's BAHAMUT holds the world in it's eye. Its fourteen songs are steeped deep in American roots but merge influences as diverse as Romanian brass, Middle Eastern fable, Jamaican Calypso, and Tuvan-Mongolian ballad…

"…HAZMAT MODINE is surely one of the most remarkable musical groups that has made one of the most remarkable records I’ve ever heard… My ears turned inside out in every direction to hear all of it. What fantastic music!” Bengt Eriksson – Roots, Denmark

"Hazmat Modine is the kind of ensemble that could have come only from New York. The core group consists of harmonica virtuosos Wade Schuman and Randy Weinstein, tuba player Joseph Daly, drummer Richard Huntley, guitarist Pete Smith, and Pamela Fleming on trumpet and flugelhorn. The fifteen-track CD presents an ensemble with a Sybil complex of multiple musical personalities. "Yesterday Morning" resembles a New Orleans funeral dirge with a reggae beat. "It Calls Me" melds the Mississippi Delta with Huun-Huur-Tu's Asian-born Tuvan throat singing. The exotic array of instruments includes the Romanian cimbalon, zamponia, Hawaiian steel guitar, electric banjitar, contrabass sax, claviola, and bass marimba. In the hands of lesser musicians this stuff would sound like a mess, but these guys make it work, with dancing diplomacy that would put the U.N. to shame. If this isn't world music, I don't know what is." -- Eugene Holley, Jr. -

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Sardo said...

Pass: Hazmat

ZedBit said...

Thanks Sardo.
I completely agree on "Hazmat Modine is the kind of ensemble that could have come only from New York". NYC radiates this kind of atmosphere.

Phronesis said...

The album is superb. Thank you. Only with your post have I learned what a *.flac file is! But (there's a 'but', and I hope you may readily help me on this) I'm unable to open (in Windows Media Player) but a file/song at a time (only after the first song has played do I get to open the second song/file, and so on). How do you solve this slightly annoying (to say the least) drawback?

Sardo said...

I'm using Winamp or VU player
If I understand well You want to open(add) all files at once(as playlist). I think it is not problem. You can open files (songs) which You would like to hear in this simple way:
Winamp(VUplayer)>file > addfile(s)>open
With VU player You can also convert flac to other format or create Your playlist.

Phronesis said...

Thanks, Sardo.
'Problem' solved.
I'm trying to use the VU Player (that I've downloaded, following your suggestion): I've managed to convert .flac to .wma, though I haven't figured out yet how burn to a CD-RW in order to play it on the car player; but i think I'll get there...

Sardo said...

@ Phronesis
If I want to burn CDR I'm using small but usefull free programm called 'burnatonce'
This programm convert from flac,ogg, mp3 and burn directly.
For ape, flac, wave with "cue" file (like my rip) the best is EAC

Phronesis said...

Thanks again, Sardo. I'm trying the EAC (exploring it, as yet).
(Hasidic New Wave: another very interesting band! Promising music you've got here.)

jb said...

Looking forward to this. Thank you.