Monday, January 26, 2009

Randy Weston “The Spirits of Our Ancestors”

CD 1:
01 - African Village Bedford-Stuyvesant 1
02 - The Healers
03 - African Cookbook
04 - La Elaha-Ella Allah/Morad Allah
05 - The Call
CD 2:
06 - African Village Bedford-Stuyvesant 2
07 - The Seventh Queen
08 - Blue Moses
09 - African Sunrise
10 - A Prayer for Us All
All compositions by Randy Weston exc. CD1 No.4 (traditional).
Disc 1:
Randy Weston -piano (exc. 4); Idrees Sulieman -trumpet (on 2,3,5); Benny Powell -trombone & bass trombone (on 2,3,5); Talib Kibwe -alto sax & alto flute (on 2,5); Billy Harper -tenor sax (on 2,3,5); Dewey Redman -tenor sax (on 2, 3-left channel, 5); Alex Blake -bass (on 2,3,5); Jamil Nasser -bass (on 2-5); Idris Muhammad -drums (on 2,3,5); Big Black -percussion (on 3,5)); Azzedin Weston -percussion (on 2-4), karkaba (on 4); Yassir Chadly -genbri, karkaba, clapping & vocals (on 4).
Special Guest: Pharoah Sanders -tenor sax. (on 3-right channel).
Disc 2:
Randy Weston -piano ; Idrees Sulieman -trumpet (on 1,2,4); Benny Powell -trombone & bass trombone (on 1,2,4); Talib Kibwe -alto sax & alto flute (on1, 2,4); Billy Harper -tenor sax (on 1,2,4); Dewey Redman -tenor sax (on 1,2,4); Alex Blake -bass (on 1,2,3,4); Jamil Nasser -bass (on 1,3,4); Idris Muhammad -drums (on 1-4); Big Black -percussion (on 1-4); Azzedin Weston -percussion (on 1,4), karkaba (on 3); Yassir Chadly - karkaba (on 3).
Special Guests: Dizzy Gillespie -trumpet (on 4); Pharoah Sanders -gaita (on 3).
Recorded in NYC on May 20, 21,22, 1991.
Reviews (
-This 2 Cd Set revisits many of Weston's Classic compositions with some new arrangements by Melba Liston. Along with Weston's excellent "African Rhythms" band and Dizzy Gillespie and the great Pharoah Sanders sit in on a couple of tracks. All cuts are very strong but "African Cookbook" is on fire!
This is probably the definitive Weston. A good place to start if you unfamiliar with this musical "Giant." -Stephen

-Randy Weston and Melba Liston collaborate once again, bringing us one of the most interesting jazz albums I've ever heard (and I've heard my share). It has a perfect mixture of free form jazz with subtle touches of African influences (particulary percussion). The highlight of the album is 'Blue Moses'. Hearing Pharoah Sanders solo using the gaita along with 2 bass players playing at a ridiculously fast speed is just amazing. A must own cd! -Larry S. Boles Jr.

-...And you get Dizzy Gillespie and Pharaoh Sanders to boot! Randy Weston is a fantastic pianist and a true original. He started over 5 decades ago with a heavy Monk and Ellington influence. Since the early 60's Weston has traveled extensively throughout Africa and has worked all kinds of African elements seamlessly into his style, along with free jazz, to come up with a totally unique style. These influences are most obviously evident in the percussion instruments, but they are also present in his piano style, though you have to listen for them. -Andreas C G


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